Please refer to the top-up/Multi Game Card redemption process as shown below:

Go to 

1. Search for "Multi Game Card" or ‘MGC’. Click on the search results listing.

2. On the Multi Game Card Page, select your preferred denomination. Click BUY to purchase.

3. Check if your purchase quantity and the denomination are correct before you click CONTINUE.

4. Select your payment method and click PAY NOW.

5. Complete your payment process and you will be receiving the code. Click "View Order details" to view your order details. 

6. Visit Dancing Love Website. Log in, select server, enter Game ID, Character Name and click on "Payment Method".

7. Check to ensure all details are correct.

8. Please choose your product.

9. After selected a product, click on Multi Game Card at the bottom of the page.

10. Key in Multi Game Card Serial & Pin, and click submit to complete the process. 

You have successfully top-up to Dancing Love with MGC.

Buy more Game Cash/Game Points with MGC, click: MULTI GAME CARD