Step 1:  Download and install an authentication app.

Before you can set up 2FA on your account, you’ll need to download and install an authentication app on your device. Shasso 2FA can be used with most Time-Based, One-Time Password (TOTP) applications. Here are a few options to get you started:

Step 2: Login to your account and click "Manage Profile"

Step 3: Click on "Security"

Step 4: Click on "Expand".

Step 5: Enter your password and click on "Next".

Step 6: Configure your 2FA, download the application via the store. Scan the QR code and lastly, do enter the verification that showed on your phone. Click on "Activate" to next step.

Step 7: Activation success. 1 and 2 are to show that your 2FA for your account is active now. No 3 is for you to deactivate the 2FA for your account.