1. Select Alipay Manual Transfer as your preferred checkout method. Check your Shopping Cart details and click on the BUY NOW icon.

2. Record payment info and then click on “Ok, got it”.

3. You will received your order number. Click “View order details” to view more information regarding your order status.

4. After done transfer the money from your Alipay account. Kindly take the screen shot for the transaction you made for a proof of payment.

5. Fill in all the details and upload your transaction screen shot for the payment you made through Alipay. Press “Submit“.


– Please allow our website to fully load once your transaction is completed to prevent floating orders.
– The unique Alipay account for OffGamers.com is alinew2@offgamers.com.
– Orders will remain unpaid if payment is sent to other Alipay accounts.