4Games Top Up Guide

Please refer to the buying guide process which consists of the following basic steps as listed below:

1) Log in to 4Games, click on Payment.

2) Select GCoins Recharge as top up option.

3) On the 4Games Payment page, select OffGamers as your preferred payment.

4) You will be redirected to 4Games Top up page at OffGamers, click ‘Direct Top up’ to buy.

5) Input your 4Games (Global) Account, check your product quantity and the denomination price before you click on the "Proceed to checkout" tab.

6) Select your payment method and your checkout currency. Click "Secure Checkout" to complete the process.

7) Confirm/complete your billing info for a successful checkout.

8) Click on "View order details" to view your order. GCoin will be added to your 4Games account.