OffGamers Point is given upon successful transaction(s) made for any products listed on the OffGamers website. Regular members will receive a standard amount of points based on the product(s) purchased. However, it doesn’t end there! This reward system is beneficial to gamers who are loyal and devoted to OffGamers. The greater the loyalty, the greater the rewards.

Please refer to the following table for the reward points entitlement for each membership status.

BronzeUp to 2x OffGamers Point
SilverUp to 3x OffGamers Point
GoldUp to 4x OffGamers Point
PlatinumUp to 5x OffGamers Point

Important Note

OffGamers Point is not provided on some products. 

OffGamers Point is not given for Store Credit purchases. OffGamers Points will be given when using the store credit to purchase our products.

OffGamers Point may vary from time to time.
OffGamers Point shown on the checkout page are finalised.