I need to reverse a purchase made improperly

Posted 14 days ago by Edson Pantaleão de Oliveira

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Edson Pantaleão de Oliveira

My cousin misused my account and made two purchases. I would like to cancel the purchases and return the amounts. The codes are # 35508048 and # 35508172.

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Hill posted 14 days ago Admin

Hi, Edson. Our team has responded to you via ticket#922002 which further correspondence will be done through the email that we have replied to you should you need further assistance from us. 

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Edson Pantaleão de Oliveira posted 14 days ago

Thank you very much for the quickness in solving my problem. Unfortunately I was not able to recover the two Tickets that were wrongly purchased, but I am very grateful for canceling the second purchase and refunding my money.

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Thiagarajan Yohayya

Thiagarajan Yohayya posted 14 days ago Admin

Hi Edson Pantaleão de Oliveira 

Our team has responded to your enquiry via ticket: 922002 . If you require more assistance, you may contact us via email to support@offgamers.com or LiveChat. We thank you for your understanding.


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