i have buy tow orders wrong


i have one problem i buy today 2 orders but wrong i thinks i have store Spain but when i check i seen i have regester France country now can please change my Code spain to france i need code playstation store credits FR not ES i have 50+10 this my order not use to my account yet can please change and check this orders you will get verefering

ORDER # 27250438 (02 Oct 2021)

ORDER # 27250432 (02 Oct 2021)

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Hi BeautfulCristal, 

We have responded to you on this matter via the ticket ID 570521. Kindly check your email inbox and reply to the mentioned support ticket for further assistance. Thank you.   Selvendran V.

Thanks you so much i fixed it i use to other acc i created acc ES and use this codes thanks for help

You're most welcomed. Do contact us at should you require further assistance. Siti.

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