Can’t locate voucher

Posted about 2 years by vanessa

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Hi I’m new to this and I purchased a $20 Neo surf voucher and my account says that it is completed but I have no idea where it is can anybody help me with this

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Shafeeq Shazeli

Shafeeq Shazeli posted over 1 year Admin

Hi Jeff, we have sent you a reply via Ticket ID:(528143) via email and any further correspondence will be done via the ticket email we have replied to you. We appreciate your kind assistance in this matter.    

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Jeff posted over 1 year

Need neosurf code

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Barath posted about 2 years

Hi vanessa, we have sent you a reply via ticket ID: (498828). Kindly refer to the ticket accordingly. You may get back to us via email, shall you need further assistance from us.  Thank you for understanding.

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