Very long verification

I have ordered an appstore gift card, and it said the verification takes 5-30 min. Now it has reached 30 min and gone far beyond an hour and I have received the invoice, but this is still in verification. The countdown now becomes a link let me contact them. However, when I follow it, it seems only a help without person to handle the issue but I can only ask in the community. 

It did provide additional comments inviting me to upload a selfie for AML policy. I took the photo accordingly in the web and upload the photo, but it responded a failure immediately without a reason. I am not sure if this is because I did not download the app or there is someone looks similar to me and offended, and offgamer's system is so poor that cannot tell. If so, this is really disgusted. 

Leaving the game there, waiting for the charing I need and staring at the endless verfying with annoying, I am not sure what action I can take now. Is there any policies to make sure they will not keep it in verifying forever or they are just implying I must cancel the order?

Hi Tianyi,

We have replied to you concerning this order through ticket ID # 474724 accordingly, please do check the said ticket for the update and you may respond to the same ticket if you have any further inquiries.

Thank you.

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