Order verifying and unprofessionnal support

Hello. First, i dont want a pick-up reply. I am about to explode, too of them thoses days. Today i just bought one account for more than 200€ by Paysafecard, and my order is in verifying. It said it can take up to 24 hours but the previous time i did it and i waited 4 days without any news. So i canceled it, and the question is : where my money gonna be refund ? On my account my.paysafecard ? On my G2G account ? And when ? Already more than 2 working days waiting for it, and no news. Also, please can you just finish the verifying fast ? I have spent such a lot of money on G2G, why did I need to wait that lot of time to get my fckin account........ And in last, i am waiting for a total refund of 118€ too. The seller take back the account and he told it to G2G (i was talking with him and he send me some proof, replying to G2G mail and asking for a full refund and why) but 10 days later, no more news. I am bored to wait for a fucking automatical answer. And that's not all, because we can't create an account and follow our ticket, because the creation work but we didnt create a password we just can't and we can't ask forget password too. So i need to create new ticket everytime and thoses guys just didnt read or search ticket created by my email (i writed the ticket ID....) and reply me the same thing than the first one, just before i send everything. (talk to the seller by G2G and bla bla bla....) I didnt have the patience to wait one more week. A FAST and REAL answer for all, is it possible ???

Hi Hugo,    

We have sent you a reply via Ticket ID: (445165) via email and further correspondence will done via the ticket email we have replied to you.        


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