Why does the support take so long to answer on tickets? You also claim you have live support? But you don't?

You let the customer wait 10 Days for the Payment via Bank Transer. Literally, I never witnessed this on any other Selling website ever. There is none. Only g2g lets their customers wait 10 full days on their payment via Bank transfer and then they even want me to upload my personal ID and Bank Card for a payment of 9 Euro's so i can get my runescape gold ????? Hello?????? just imagine the goods you sell are not even your own and you want customers to wait 10 days after the pay and you want their criticial Information uploaded + Selfie ( FOR BUYING RUNESCAPE GOLD) PLEASE FIX THIS . Complete the orders finally or give me my money back im done with this website if this isnt fixed anytime soon and i will do my best to make this public on different subreddits to warn people of this procedere. Because i never had to witness anything like that ever buying online goods. Only on g2g? how is that possible?

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Hi gabriel, 

Our team have replied to you via email, Ticket ID:  (#436564). We would also like to inform you that any future correspondence will be done through the email. 



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