my order disappeared

when i first buy the psn 20.60$ singapore dollar discout promo code on 1st june it was pending and the next 2 days until i was still seeing it as pending.THEN! I go to sleep for awhile, a momentt that i woke up at 12:02am i decide to check the order BUT it gone,i don't know is this a bug or something.However,the last time i check the order was a bit late at night then 9hour later (at 12:02am)it just disappeared.I was not remember the order number but i hope i can have my order back and please can have the order back please it disappeared for no reason i was not even press the cancel this other or something i just want to check my order only MY ORDER :(

here is the link my order: 

please i need 20$ sgd for cod modern warfare :(((

Your customer:

        hieu dong

Hi hieu,

Ticket ID: 431572

Thank you for contacting us! ​

It appears that the payment for your order has been declined by the card issuer. You are advised to contact your card issuer for further assistance as they did not provide us with more information due to confidentiality.

Alternatively, you may:
1. use another card to place an order
2. attempt to use your card via PayPal option

Should you have any enquiries or require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. We're always ready to assist you the best we can.

Thank you.

Shanmugan S.
(Customer Experience Executive)

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can i ask you. will i get my money back for that.

You may enquire about this matter with your card issuer cause we're unable to locate the payment for the order of your concern.

Thank you.

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