OffGamers CC Transaction Failure

Posted over 2 years by Khoder

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Dear Concerned,

I am trying to purchase a Razor Gold (Rixty) using my personal Credit Card and it is being rejected and a message appears directly stating that transaction could not be processed and please try another card as you can see in the attached screenshot. May I know the reason of getting rejected?! I have called my bank for verification yet they have claimed that there was no transaction that has been initiated from the first place. Accordingly please check and advise the reason of rejecting my credit card. 


Khoder Kaaykati,

Phone Number: +961 3 853341

Email Address: 

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Aiman posted over 2 years Admin

Hi Khoder,

Kindly check the ticket ( ID: 418376 ) you have submitted in regards to this matter as we have already provided you with an update. Please do reply to the same ticket/email should you need any further assistance. 

Thank you

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