Wrong order

Sorry, that I have write down the 3rd time my problem here, but I think the mod Ruazaini is making jokes about me.. I told him in the first place, the answer isn't accabtable for me and he answer with the same copy, paste think.I don't understand why he can't answer my second question about the wrong order. Please take my problems serious and try to help me, not try to make feel me even more angry
The order number is 16141407

Hi Manuel,   

Our team have replied to you via email, Ticket ID:  (#408408). We would also like to inform you that any future correspondence will be done through the email. 


I have made a mistake and bought the wrong ecovoucher for 75eu for India by mistake as it's the wrong location I am checking if I can get this remimbersed or exchanged for other location please help!
Order Number: 16168480

Hi Mohammar Faizan,

We have sent a separate email to follow up with your order 16168480. Kindly refer to the email and please wait for our update.

Thank you four kind understanding. 

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