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Posted almost 3 years by Guy

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I have had this happen to me once before where i ordered game cards and I was delayed by 24 hours for verification purposes, i supplied pictures of my ID, my dads ID, my dad's credit card 

and everything needed to finish the verification process, not only was i charged for 400$ worth of game cards in the end when i specifically asked in the chat to only approve the last 200$

that i ordered, i didnt say anything about that until just now and any admin is free to check this in my previous chats, but now i encounter the same verification process again..

This is a good site with quick answers and quick delivery up until this whole thing started happening... 

First I would like to hear a word from anyone as to why i was charged the extra 200, not that im asking for a refund ive used them as well but it shouldn't have happened.

Second of all and actually more important, why do i need to continuously go through that 24 hour verification process?

looking forward to a response from the company, thank you in advance,


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kartikasari posted almost 3 years

Hi David,

We have addressed this issue with you through ticket IDs #384245 and #384260 accordingly.  Anyhow, we thank you for your appreciative comments on our service.  As for the verification time-frame, we would like to advise you to perhaps consider placing your orders between 11a.m. to 5p.m. GMT+8 timezone to avoid waiting long.  This is since our Review Team shall be available during the said time-frame to speed up the process.

Hope this helps.

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David posted almost 3 years

I have similar issue. Your site is good and well secured. But verification even payment through paypal took too long even if I am already an old client. If my account was hacked, i would immediately be informed thru my email that I made a purchase which I did not make. Why need to wait 12 to 24 hours? This is too inefficient and you can not recruit long term loyal client if it goes on like this. We will always switch to other suppliers once we have an option for a secured and fast service provider who wont spend that much time to verify!

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Umar posted almost 3 years Admin

Pertaining on your issue, our team has response to you via ticket ID : 383731. Once again we do apologies for the inconvenience caused.

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