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Posted over 3 years by Sarah

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I purchased Neosurf Voucher on 15/03/19 the payment was succsessful and was received but i did not receive code/voucher no. I have purchased many without any previous issues or problems. How do i get the code/voucher no to use ?

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Amri posted over 3 years

Hello Sarah,

We have replied your ticket ID 303883. Thank you. 

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Sarah posted over 3 years

Hi Carmen, Yes i am well aware of the initial response to my email. After seeking legal advise against Offgamers through the family barrister, i would just like to inform Offgamers that i am now acting on the advice given to me by my barrister. There will not be any further communication by me to Offgamers regarding the known outstanding issue i face. I am requesting for Offgamers to send me the email with code at your earliest conveniant time possible and without any further delays by Offgamers. The actions of Offgamers with the way in how they have requested the documents has been done in a highly unacceptable manner. You can not await a payment, await to receive the payment to then withold the payment using reasons specified. Offgamers should have never accepted the payment or even take it to withold, previously knowing full well its what they were going to do due to requesting further detailed id documentation. I am appaulled my husband is left seething over the actions taken by Offgamers. If i have not received the correct code for payment order# 12346768 on 17/03/19 by 10pm paperwork will be immeadiately filed and submitted in small claims court. Once i receive email with code for the payment Offgamers still sucsessfully awaited for and took knowing all to well it was then going to be immeadiately witheld by them until they receive requested documentation. You have no idea at the level of outrage and anger your actions have caused. Offgamers deliberately awaited then accepted rhe sucsessful payment then witheld it all before sending the email requesting to verify documents. Its been done in a manipulative sly demeanour. For everyone involved from my end, the actions of Offgamers is just totally both disgusting and unacceptable on the highest of levels. How dare you treat any cliental in this way and think its ok. I dont know how you all sleep at night honestly. Any further correspondance will be through my legal representation. I will be awaiting the email however, i have informed Offgamers of my intentions to file by 10pm tonight if email has not been received, thank you. Regards, Sarah Knight.

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Carmen L.

Carmen L. posted over 3 years

Hi Sarah,  

Kindly refer to the ticket you have sent (ticket ID. 303883) for the latest updates on the order as we have already replied to your initial email. 

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