wasted 50 euro on this site

Posted almost 4 years by Adarsh

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i got a non workin flexipin voucher from this site and now they are telling me to contact flexipin customer care....after 2 weeks ,   they actually marked my previous tickets as solved even though it isnt so becareful guys

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kartikasari posted almost 4 years

Hi Adarsh,

As advised by our CD Key Personnel,  the code which you had purchased, Flexepin EUR50 (EU), is verified to be valid and active. Please ensure that you have an account registered under EU and try again with the same code. If the issue persisted, we would recommend you to contact Flexepin's support as they are able to further assist your redemption into your account. You may contact them via email as follows: customer.support@flexepin.com

We appreciate your patience during the period of investigation.

Should you require any further assistance regarding our products and services, do not hesitate to contact our 24/7 Live Support or alternatively you can submit a ticket to support@offgamers.com. 

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Adarsh posted almost 4 years


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