i topped up for the event in Touch International But i didn't get the item due to my RC is Still Pending. Can you Fix this >.<

ORDER # 10882606

Hi Cedrick,

We did already escalate the reported issue and notified you via the ticket you had opened, reference ID #252260.  Rest assured that you will be updated via the said ticket as soon as we receive any news from the on-going investigation.

Our apologies again for the inconvenience caused.

i recharged 2000 gold for bleach online and its been more than 30 mins pending iam legit loosing my shit

ORDER # 15534752

its still pending, for an hour as a matter of fact, and i need this recharge now because i have some limited time events that i must attend to, and your inconvenience just ruined mi night for me.

Hi Omar,

We appreciate your patience while our respective team investigate this issue with the Game Support/Publisher.  Rest assured that we will get back to you immediately by email once there's any update for your order. Please do contact us at should you require further assistance.

We apologize for the inconveniences caused.

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