Failed "EUR50 NEOSURF VOUCHER" Purchase

Posted over 4 years by intheshaddows

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i just purchased a "EUR50 NEOSURF VOUCHER" via visa and returned the error "Your card payment could not be processed."

a However my car was charged the $85.99 fee. (See attached screen shot)

Can you please review this and provide a voucher number.

Transaction screenshot:


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kartikasari posted over 4 years

Hello intheshaddows,

We are sorry, as it appears that your account was reviewed and reconsidered by the Management recently. Unfortunately, it did not pass our verification process, hence we are unable to accept online payments from you which includes Paypal.

You may want to consider using the other alternative payment options shown to you at checkout currently instead if you wish to make a purchase.

Do quote at least one of the ticket IDs so we may investigate why they were removed/unresponded to.

Thank you for your patronage.

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intheshaddows posted over 4 years


no Paypal option is displayed on my account.

Can you please fix on my account.

I have lodged 4 support tickets, but all were removed without response.


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Aiman posted over 4 years Admin

Hi intheshaddows,

It appears that the payment for your order has been declined by the  card issuer. You are advised to contact your card issuer for further  assistance as they did not provide us with more information due to  confidentiality. 

Alternatively, you may:

1. use another card to place order

2. attempt to use your card via PayPal option

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intheshaddows posted over 4 years


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