No refund although refund was promised


I made a purchase on 15.04.2018 and it got declined. I was informed that the purchase would be cancelled and that I would receive a refund.

Now its 23.05.2018 and I have been waiting for the refund all this time, but nothing.

I started contacting the support team, they told me they will look into it in 09.05.2018

Today 23.05.2018 the real discussions took place, and they do not want to give me the refund, and they just sent me my order instead.

This is unacceptable, you cant just decline my order, cancel it, promise a refund, and over a MONTH later you force me to take the order and tell me no refund.

This needs to be solved, and I need to get the refund I was promised.

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Sorry to inform you that this is due the payment method you used is not reversible as we have checked with our payment gateway, In such occasions, we can only proceed to deliver your order instead.

I ordered an Account on order# 14859213 Wörth 87 Euro. The order accidentially got cancled by the seller and I got an refujd of 10 Euro and now can't but the Account of the seller. It would be very pleasing if you could helo me

Hi Felix,

It seems there is no payment received for your order 14859213. We have canceled your order and refund back the store credit you used on this order. You may place a new order again. You may contact us via email at for any enquiry.

Thank you

اريد ان استرد بطاقه الهدايا لgogle play لقد قمت بشراءه وضغط عن طريق الخطا علي الالغاء ارسلت ايميلات كثيره لاسترداد الطلب او ارجاع المال والا الان لم استرد اي شي هذا الطلب من ٣ ايام الرجاء أريده للن شركه الشحن متوقفه علي هذا الكرد الرجاء سرعه الرد

الرحاء ارسالي الرقم لان شركه الشحن متوقفه منذ ٣ ايام علي هذا الكرد

Hi Seham,

We have replied to you via an email regarding your request.

Thank you

I purchased a card few hours ago. Money went through but the order is not complete. The status says "verifying". I heard that I must send my details buh it says I'm not required to send documents

Hi Alucia, 

We have sent you a reply via Ticket ID: (442603) via email and further correspondence will done via the ticket email we have replied to you.     


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