Stuck on verification?

I have been stuck on verification for over the 30 minutes and was hoping it could be done quicker as the sale I wish to partake in could end any moment would mean I have wasted a great deal of my time sand my money all for naught. My Order# 9879199. I also sent an email but have yet to get a response. I copied the order number from my email to make sure there were no typos and it made the text larger don't know how to make it back to regular size as I don't see any formatting options sorry about that. 

Hello, Kyle. Your order has been canceled upon your request and the payment will be refunded back to your account.

same issue please check ~ thanks 

ORDER# 9883969 

Hello, Hoh4777. Your order 9883969 is completed and delivered which you can login to your account to view the code.

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