Stuck on processing.

Hello, I just bought 2 200,000 Gate Cards and it's been stuck on processing for about 20 mins now. Are these out of stock, but the site wasn't updated? Because I just bout 2 2,000,000 right before and had no problem. If this is the case, I need to cancel and buy a different value because I need to have these codes in the next 8-12 hours. Idk what's up with these blanks?

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29 Dec, 2017  |  Verifying 
29 Dec, 2017  |  Processing 
29 Dec, 2017 
29 Dec, 2017 

ORDER# 9609263 (2017-12-29 05:39:18)

Just bought a 500,000 and it processed in a few minutes. So seems you are Out of Stock, but it was never updated. I no longer need those 2 200,000 codes.

Hi Ian,

These are delivered directly from the Publisher/Supplier's server and there may be delays at times, we shall try to refresh the order for about 30 minutes, should they still fail to be delivered thereafter they may be out-of-stock.  Should the latter be the case we would then need to notify you at a later time when we have further updates on restock so you may decide accordingly.

We are sorry for any trouble.


Since you mentioned that you no longer need the 2 x 200,000 codes, kindly confirm whether you wish to cancel the order for a refund into Store Credits.


It's fine. I'll just wait and use them later down the road. Can close this thread/mark solved. Thanks for the help. 

Thank you very much for your consideration. We highly appreciate it!


HI, can you check my purchase order 9613584 . i already pay with coda pay. but it still stuck in processing and it's already 8 hours. thank you.

Hi resya_27_tb,

This is to notify you that your order is now being processed. However, the key(s) that you ordered is currently out of stock. The CD key(s) will be delivered to you at the soonest time possible and we will notify you by email for the update.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Hello, can you please check my purchase order 9633713, I've purchased 2x 1500 yen google gift card but I only get one key. And it's been a week since then, please help.

Hello, Akhmad. Your order is completed and delivered and kindly proceed to your Shasso account to view the code that delivered by our system.



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