my order is still verifying - want to make sure i'm doing this right

Posted over 5 years by Shawn

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order 9100136 

any idea what might be holding this from being processed?

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Khairul M

Khairul M posted about 5 years Admin

Hi Dave,

Please be informed that your 9115298 transaction has been refused by your credit card issuer. Kindly contact your credit card issuer for more information.

Thank you

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Dave Jones posted about 5 years

hello... my order still pending... can you check 9115298.... thanks..

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Alice posted over 5 years

We were informed by the G2G Personnel that the seller was preparing the delivery for your order. The seller would like to apologise for the delay in the delivery. We noticed that your order is completed. We will close this thread and deem issue resolved.

Should you need any further assistance for G2G order, you may contact them directly at or contact the seller from the built-in Chat feature. Thank you.

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Shawn posted over 5 years

I have contacted the seller but am not receiving an answer. does that part usually take a while?

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Aiman posted over 5 years Admin

Hi Shawn,

It appears that your order has been processed on system now. You may contact the seller through chat features provided on G2G website. We thank you for your patience and support regarding this matter.

Contacting Sellers

Please do email to should you need any assistance for the order.

Thank you

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