Third Party Scammers

Anyone looking to purchase codes etc please be aware there are third party scammers directly people to this site to buy codes. Once the third party has the codes since they request them before they provide the service, they then proceed to redeem the codes and then never provide the service in return as promised. And of course they stop replying right after they got the codes. If anyone has any information on "funtboost" please post it here. They use that name on skype and discord to do their scams. They also claim they dont take paypal as payment cause they are from tawain. Offgamers refused to refund the order since the codes were already used by the scammer. These people deserve to be locked up in a prison cell far away from the comfort of being behind their computer preying on consumers. 


We are sorry that hear that you met scammer from third party website. Reminder: Beware of phishing sites! We're not associated with any sites that offers exchanges for physical items, digital goods or virtual currency.

You may provide us with the Skype ID or screen shots from the conversation you had with the scammer and we will put in our Blog as well.

Thank you

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