ORDER# 8508628

where my  OffGamers Store Credit  i waited 2 hr for credits

We have responded to your email accordingly.

there are nothing in my account

ORDER# 8508628 (2017-04-24 21:01:31)

STATUS: Verifying  

We have resent email verification to you and you may check your spam & junk folder.

why ididn't get the credits

This is due you did not get your PayPal email verified yet.

its verified

i pay but ididn't get the credits

Kindly removed your screenshot as it is a public forum. Thank you.

can i get the credits fast?!

how can i get the credits

if i cancel the order iwell get my money back?!

Sorry, Salem. Your PayPal email is not verified yet.

Yes, you will received your refund.

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