Order# 8458283 Payment Received Contact us here.

 how long need to wait for it ?????  one year or two year ?   i called my bank money was sent  but i still not Received anything !!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Jian,

An email was actually sent to your email address associated with your Offgamers account regarding the order update, do check the email accordingly.  We apologize for the wait.


 you guys are  jk ,  i want cancel my order now 

block list never buy in here, you guys doing  like a scammer


Hello Jian,

We are truly sorry for the inconveniences, rest assured , for first time orders, our requirement is a one-time affair, which is essential to protect payment instrument owners as well as our customers at the same time.  Your order was duly cancelled and refund initiated back to your card account.  The estimated time-frame is between 3-14 working days due to the authorization-hold involved by the issuer.  You may contact your card issuing bank in the unlikely occurrence of a delay.

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