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Posted almost 6 years by jackyfoo

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hi, my used name is jackyfoo i buy 350 kc at few hours ago but i until now still haven receive yet pls check for me asap, thanks

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Alice posted over 5 years

Hi Jackyfoo,

We have been informed by the Publisher that the 350KC has been credited to your game account. Please kindly login to your account to verify. We will now close this thread and if you have any further question, please reply to ticket #149108 for further assistance.

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kartikasari posted almost 6 years

Hi Jackyfoo,

Regarding your reported issue, since the order status is "Reloaded", we have escalated your complaint to our respective team for further checks with the Publisher.  We shall update you via your earlier reporting through ticket #149108 soonest.  Sorry for the inconvenience.


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