Pls check out my order

I have already pay for a google play card $30 (au) it show that i havent receive payment but it already reducted my bank money and didnt sent me the code plus i also sent the proof to the support by email with a screenshot showing paypal transaction pls check it and sent me the code as soon as possible thx and down here is a screen shot showing order number .

Hi Magdaléna,

As we checked on your order, we could not locate any payment made on your order. Kindly check on your PayPal account if there are any payment deducted for this order.

Thank you.

Well it does for my bank account and pretty much i already sent yu guy an screen shot thru my email with paypal transaction for today
I have being waitting for 4hour and yu guy already took the money from my bank thru paypal but i still havent get my code yet.
Pls check it properly it also same happen twice yesterday just 1 success purchased the other one still waitting for yu guy refund the money back to the i just make another order and done paying but still same problem issue with paypal it yu responsible to help me out .
Here the order proof also

Hi Magdaléna,

We have check on our account again and we are still not able to locate your payment for your order 8069822. It will be best for you to double check with PayPal regarding the whereabouts of the payment.

Nevertheless, if we receive updates from PayPal about your payment, we will update you as soon as possible through email.

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