Steam Card Order Stuck on Verifying

Order number 8020812 

I purchased a steam key hours ago, went through the phone SMS verification process and even saw the money deduct out of my bank account.

What is there left to verify and how much longer do I have to wait? 

I only purchased this key because delivery would be 'instant' as stated on your website. If I had known it would take so long, I would have never purchased from here given the many other choices available.


We regret to inform that this order is currently pending for verification purposes. Rest assured that the respective department has been notified to check and we will notify you via email at the soonest time possible once we have the received their reply.

Please be informed that your order 8020812 is delivered and completed. Kindly check your email for the latest update of your order status. Please email us at for faster response in the future. 

Thank you

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