verifying order

7950354 bought it by jcb debit card and it took the money but there is no card or whatsoever.

It clearly took my money and this agent assumed it didn't I want my money back. 

There was a Debit Card Service transaction on 2:33 11/22/2016.
Purchase Amount:390Yen
Authorization Code:745196

Refer to MyJCB for more information.

Hi Taiki,

We have forward your order issue to the respective department for further check. We will get back to you via email for the issue update.

Thank you.

Hi Taiki,

Ticket ID: 131804

Thank you for contacting us! 

Pertaining to your order issue, kindly provide a screenshot/image of your payment . Once we have your receipt, our finance department will check on the updates of your payment. This may take up to 24 working hours for payment confirmation.

I was promised 24 working hours with this. So don't mark it as solved even though it is not.

Hi Taiki,

We will mark this Forum Thread as close/resolve as we will contact you via email for the issue update.

Thank you.

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