GASH (TW) out of stock?

sry to ask that, when will the system reload the GASH(TW)
im reload amount of money, and now i realise that the game point are OUT OF STOCK...

Hi Theo,

May we know which denomination of the Gash (TW) you are inquiring for?

I'm playing a game call ELSWORD (TW), and the only game point accept is GASH in term of Gamania.

Yesterday i try once to buy Gamania point, yet i lose for the amount because the Gamania point is not acceptable by the game

Hi Theo,

We have checked on your order history page, it seems that previously you have bought few times on this GAMANIA RM GASH (MY/TW/HK) as shown in the URL below.

Kindly confirm with us if this is the correct product for you.

Yep, last time i did try buy once of Gamania RM Gash,and that time it was work.
but now only Gash(TW) was able to reload.

So im looking for the Gash(TW) and hope Offgamer will refill this as very soon. =3

Hi Theo,

We shall notify you via email when the stock are available again. We apologized for any inconvenience caused.

Hi Theo,

The product is restocked and we have notified you via email as well. We will close this thread and you may send us an email for any enquiry. 

Thank you

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