Help? but not really considering this is a complant.

So you know ive found a cool bleach game online and was like hey man thats cool.played for a bit and seen all the cool stuff you get when you top off gold.and i say to myself gee that would be cool to have all these perks.

as i go top off im redirected to offgamers website. Okay no biggie make a account and go to pay only to come up to a cell phone authentication. well you know not everone uses a cell phone right? id rather not spend 20-80$ a month for one either 

ive basicly just made this post to tell you guys your excluding costumers. ive even tryed using those FREE SMS websites. still no help there 

ive basicly give up on your product its a shame really. i was really looking forward to the items i wanted all well.

Id highly sugest fixing/changing  your payment setup, because quite frankly its a waste of time. feel free to respond il be checking up on this post maybe for the next 2 days.

Good day,From a customer you Lost.  

Hi Jesse,

The reason why we need to apply a cell phone authentication / verification is because we emphasize on security for our customer's account and transactions. Due to the nature of the business, we have to take the necessary security precautions to make sure that all transactions are genuine. 

Having been in this industry for more than 10 years, we realize that a solid verification flow not only serves as a deterrent to filter fraudulent orders, but also a necessity to protect the Paypal/credit card owners. At the same time, we do have customers who are grateful that we were taking the necessary precautions to protect them. In the end, it all boils down to the balance we have to achieve to protect the interest of the business and also the customers we serve.

Thank you.

That's understandable, I'm just saying that the process is flawed due to the fact i have to pay for another service in order to use your service. I just have gripes about the fact you NEED A CELL PHONE you have no alternatives. app/homephone/backup email 

there's nothing I can use other then cell phone authentication.Its not the worse system ive seen just saying its flawed is all.

Just a shame really i cant even go to a 3rd party to buy it either since its a direct top off. cause id rather do that =/ 

Hi Jesse,

From a consumer's perspective, we do understand your situation. However, the phone verification is an added security layer, 

as cell phones are usually only held by the respective person, and to ensure that a transaction is genuinely made by the cell phone owner. 

Nevertheless, we appreciate your feedback as we strive to maintain customer satisfaction. We will consider your opinion so that our customer can experience a secured and flexible shopping experience with us. 

Thank you and have a great day ahead :)

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