iTunes JP Gift card not valid

This is regarding Order 7317046. I recently purchased a 5000Yen iTunes Gift Card. After trying to input the code, it says that the code given to me was invalid. The AppleID I'm using is and was always for the JP iTunes store.

Hi Marion,

Pertaining to your order issue, please file a report and attach the two (2) screenshots required in JPEG/PNG/PDF format by emailing to or fill in the Game Code Issues Submission through HERE:

1. Code viewed from your order page

2. Error message

Once we have received the screenshots as requested above, the respective department will investigate the issue with the publisher or supplier, and this typically takes:

1. Monday - Thursday: 72 working hours
2. Friday - Sunday and public holidays (Malaysia): 96 working hours

(Working hours: 9:30am - 6:30pm, +8GMT)

We will notify you by email once we have received the updates on this matter. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

I've filled out the forms with the necessary screenshots. Hope to hear from you asap.

Alright. Any updates we will get back to you via email.

Hi Marion,

This is to inform you that our CD Key team has sent a separate email to you in regards to your order issue. We will now deem this topic as resolved. Kindly refer to the email sent by our CD Key team.

Thank you for your patience.

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