Can't receive security token


 I tried two times to send the security token via my phone, but the message has never reached on my phone.

 Could you guys send a security token through my email and let me change or check if i got the phone number right?


Hi there,

Referring to your OffGamers account, It appears that you have registered the following number with our website

+84 98315****

To update your mobile phone number, please click on the link below:

You are required to use the Security Token to update your mobile phone number. To learn how to change your mobile phone number CLICK HERE.

Thank you


I enter Security Token but an error appear and it say it is invalid?

 Please try clear cache/cookies or try using different browsers if you encounter issue to update the mobile number.

Hi lord_of_the_reaper,

It appear that your mobile number has been verified on system now. Kindly contact us at if you need any further assistance.

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