Stuck on verifying too :(

Posted almost 7 years by Jacob

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i was using a VPN on my desktop last might and it failed 2 sets of payments which ive got wait to get back to my account (Completely accept that my own fault). 

So i switched to my laptop on which has never had a vpn on but its been stuck verifying for 7hours+ :( i even went to bed and woke up!

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Aiman posted almost 7 years Admin

Hi Jacob,

Kindly be informed that your supportive document submission for verification purposes has been approved and your order has been completed accordingly now. Please be advised to remove Proxy/VPN before placing a new order next time to avoid any issue with our system verification process. We thank you for your kind patience and cooperation.

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Claressa Jayne

Claressa Jayne posted almost 7 years

Hi Jacob,

We apologize for the inconvenience. Before we able to proceed with your order, there is further verification needed on your account. Please do check your email inbox for the verification information needed.


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