How long does it take to pay gold into bleach online game >?

My first account topup I used and it was INSTANT gold  

used for my last topup so I could use paypal instead of hunting down creditcard and I am still waiting ?

needing VIP5 ASAP so I can Reinforce all my new gear

if its going to take to long don't bother doing it at all ... 

Hi there,

Please check your email for further instructions before we able to complete your orders 6932045 & 6932048. Thank you.

but i have sent and replied to all emails with photo ID's etc and clicked on the verification links ( that i found in the trash bin ) 

it's been a whole day now and gold still not their 

if i used like i normally do it would have been instant ... but i rather use paypal then finding a credit card each order ... 

which is another thing why the heck would you need credit card stuff if paid via paypal ..... 

Hi MasterCATZ,

Kindly check your email for the latest update from our respective team. Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us again

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