How long does it take to pay gold into bleach online game >?

Posted almost 7 years by MasterCATZ

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My first account topup I used and it was INSTANT gold  

used for my last topup so I could use paypal instead of hunting down creditcard and I am still waiting ?

needing VIP5 ASAP so I can Reinforce all my new gear

if its going to take to long don't bother doing it at all ... 

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Aiman posted almost 7 years Admin

Hi MasterCATZ,

Kindly check your email for the latest update from our respective team. Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us again

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MasterCATZ posted almost 7 years

but i have sent and replied to all emails with photo ID's etc and clicked on the verification links ( that i found in the trash bin ) 

it's been a whole day now and gold still not their 

if i used like i normally do it would have been instant ... but i rather use paypal then finding a credit card each order ... 

which is another thing why the heck would you need credit card stuff if paid via paypal ..... 

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Khairul M

Khairul M posted almost 7 years Admin

Hi there,

Please check your email for further instructions before we able to complete your orders 6932045 & 6932048. Thank you.

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