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Posted about 7 years by Tze

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This company charges your credit card then claims the order has been cancelled for security reasons. They don't seem to have a problem taking your money.


Mellisa TsuThank you for contacting OffGamers! How can we help you today?

kongMy credit card has been charged, but the order has disappeared from the buying history

Mellisa TsuHI, kong, order was cancelled due to security reason

refund for credit card may take 5-14 days

konghey how can u take my money like that

what security reason? u already have my money

Mellisa Tsuwhere are u from ?

kongI'm calling my bank and asking for reversal


Mellisa Tsuif you are from singapore, you can consider to try offline payment methods

kongbut I've already paid you

Mellisa Tsuhttp://kb.offgamers.…om/en/category/payment-option/PAYMENT OPTION | OFFGAMERS SUPPORT CENTER

kongif there is a security reason, you shouldn't be taking my money

Mellisa Tsuorder has been cancelled cause we are unable to accept your payment

kongthe credit card has been charged - i called the bank

if you are unable to accept, it should not be charged

Mellisa Tsuorder has been cancelled and refund will be effective 5-14 days

kongno way - i don't believe u

I'm making a fraud complaint

Mellisa Tsuorder has been cancelled due to security reason


Mellisa Tsu is typ

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Aiman posted about 7 years Admin

Hi Tze,

First and foremost, we would like to apologize for the issue with you were having for order 6790501. It appear that your order has been cancelled by system due to Proxy/VPN issue. This is one of our internal flow set by our Management to prevent any fraudulent issue and applied to all of our Customers. We suggest that you may try place a new order once remove Proxy/VPN and system should proceed the next order accordingly.

As for the payment, it will be reverse and should reflect back to your card account within 3~14 working days. It advisable to contact your Bank or Card Issuer after several days to expedite the process.

We apologize again for any inconvenience caused. We thank you for your patience and support regarding this matter.

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