help needed to complete my payment order

 whenever i try to complete my payment, im always given this message:

There seems to be a problem trying to complete your purchase order.Please try once more and if the issue persists, please don't hesitate to contact us directly by clicking here.

i dont know what the problem is because my paypal account is fine and so is my card - ive tried doing this a bunch of times and it hasnt worked so i hope someone can help me please

please help


We have checked on your order and found that it might be an issue with your card issuer. Kindly contact them for more information.

it shouldnt be, i have the original amount of money on my prepaid gift card on it and havent spent it because none of the orders here have gone through. this doesnt make any sense :(


i have the card linked to my paypal account and nothing has shown up, and when i look at the website that shows me all of my transactions theres nothing there :(


Indeed. Hence, we are suggest you to contact them for more information. 

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