Im Stuck On Verification

I'm On a Pending Order# 6684229 And I Need Some Help, I Payed with My Bank But I Don't See Any Charges In My Account So Can Any Of The Members Help Me ASAP.

Hi Adan,

In regards of your order 6684229 payment, our Finance Department has checked and inform and unable to locate any payment for this order yet. Please be informed that for Smart2Pay - PayWithMyBank payment may take within 3 - 5 days for the payment to be cleared. We will update your order accordingly via email if the payment receive at our side.

In case that you had confirmed no payment was charge to your Bank account, you may cancel the order and proceed to try place a new order instead.

Как долго ждать еще ключа прошло уже 3 дня  #  6679959

Hi Guzel,

Your order has been completed on system now and you may proceed to view the code on your OffGamers order history page.

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