Security Code not sending by sms


I went to make an order and it said that I needed to confirm my phone number with a security code sent by sms. The security code never sent and now I am unable to make a purchase. Can I please get the security code emailed to me? Thanks for your support


Hi Brandon,

Due to your issue that you are not receiving any SMS from us, we will have to perform a manual phone verification with you. Please do confirm with us if it is alright for us to call you now for the verification.

We await for your reply.

same here im not receiving any veryfication number

Hi Carl,
Do contact our support team to arrange a manual phone verification on your convenient time. Our agents will be happy to assist you in the verification procedure.
Thank you.


Hi Brandon,

We would like to inform you that we have sent you an email last 4 days. You may check your email ( for further details. Thank you.


Hi, same issue happening for me. Can I get it emailed to me too, I need it asap, thanks!

It appears that your mobile number is verified now .

I got exactly same problem of Brandon, now what i need to do in order to receive SMS Code to making a purchase? I went to my profile and requested to change my phone number (to check if my phone number is correct or not) but again no SMS was sent to my phone number.
My last 4 digits are 2041.
Please help!


edited: I just changed my phone number but no luck. My new last 4 digits 5850.


We apologize for the late reply, we have send security token to your email. You should able to change the phone number with your security token.


Hi Phan,

Please do let us know if you unable to verify your phone number through our website. We will need to call your registered phone number with us for manual phone verification if you did not receive SMS from our System. Thank you.


 yeah, I was unable to verify my phone number. Please give me a call or something. One more question: If I verify my phone number, after that do I need to verify it once again when making an order? Because I could not receive token when they asked for making a purchase.

P/S: english is not my native language, please forgive me if you need to speak slowly so I can hear.

Hi Phan,

We regret to inform you that we have tried to call you twice but no one answering the call. Once the number has been verified you may proceed to purchase your order with us directly. Kindly let us know once you are able to answer our call. Thank you.

Hi, I saw your phone call but when i answered there was nothing. Your 4 last digits is 5230 right?



We would like to inform you that your mobile number has been verified and you may now proceed to place your order with us.Thank you for your co-operation.

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