Problem with log in "World of Darkness" Server "Silent Sea.S7" User Name "madamking"

I got problem which I cannot log in to my account.

It said "user is out of service"?

Can you help me to check what is wrong with my account?

I have spent a lot of money with this game.

I got vip 7 almost vip 8 now...

I know there is a bug few days ago...

But this is not player fault... It is your programmer fault...

Please let me know and contact me via my email >>>

If I don't get any support... I will make complaint to apply store for all refunds...


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Unfortunately we do not have access on this game to assist you further in your situation, we suggest you to contact the World Of Darkness team support directly for help. You may contact their Facebook page or send them a ticket on the issue you encountered:

Contact their Game Publisher here

World of Darkness Facebook page

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