i buy a code for steam and i waited 20 min and i didn`t recived code !! My order is 6188972

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We have checked on your order and found that your order has been cancelled upon to your request.


I will not start by saying I will never use this site again but I will state this very clearly. I made a purchase ... Order Number: 6202675 ... My payment was taken 4 days ago and email to confirm has been sent.... And then it stops there... ??? No order in my profile section and no message from anyone ???? This is extremely disappointing as this is a business that has a structure that is not trustworthy...

Either A ) Fix the order ASAP within 12 hrs or B ) Refund the money ASAP within 24 hrs...

I will not have my time wasted away like this.

Order Number: 6202675

Unfortunately the payment had failed thus the order was canceled.  Due to privacy reasons in regards to the failure, we have responded to you via ticket id 51645.  Do check your email for the response soonest.


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