Order not showing up/Live Chat stuck at #1 in queue.


I recently bought some stuff off your website and got the order #: 6167555
This does not show up on my purchases within 14 days.
The money is through to you (Via Pay Pal), I checked my balance and everything seems fine,
My PayPal info is already verified, so that cannot be the issue.

Also, you Live chat is not working. I have been the #1 in the queue for an eternity now.
My guess is that you just can´t handle the ammount of pepole complaining, and so you´re hiding instead?..

Help me...


The did not only go through, but it was also completet without any notifications on your website.

Hi Patrik,

First and foremost, we would like to extend our apologies on the delay update toward your inquiries. It appear your order has been moved to processing on system and you should be able to contact the Seller using build-in chat at the order page. It advisable to remove any popup blocker should you encounter an Issue to chat with Seller.

Additionally, we already notify the respective team to contact the Seller and prompt to deliver your order within the soonest time possible.

Thank you

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