stills stuck on verifying. already verified paypal

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Hi Joshua,

Your order is currently processing and it seems that your gold has been delivered. It just waiting for your confirmation before it will be completed.


Thank you.

I just paid for a voucher code, but it is still verifying for over an hour now. This is my order code: # 12134919 

Hello, Kayaa. Your order has been completed and delivered which you can proceed to your order history to view the code.

how long will this Verify takes
i have waiting for few hours

Hi William,

We regret to inform that this order is currently pending for verification purposes. Rest assured that the respective department has been notified to check and notify you via email once your order has been updated. This process might take another 2-3 hour to complete.

We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding. We truly apologized for the inconveniences caused.  

how long will this Verifying takes,

it just makes me anxious

Hi Andrew,

Your order 12292794 has been canceled as requested and we have initiated the refund back to your account. Please note that the refund will be reflected in your account in 14 days.

Thank you


when I can get my order, now I just wait about 1 hour already

Hi Piyatat,

Your order 12295016 has completed, however reload is still pending at Publisher's end.  We have escalated the issue and shall update you through a separate email upon rectification.

Apologies for the delay.

Hi, I am requesting information on order 12311480. I've waited 9 hours and have uploaded identification.

Hi Patrick. We believed that your order  12311480 has been updated and completed.  Our Colleague has responded to you via ticket ID  302267. We shall close this thread accordindly. 

We thank you for your patience and understanding. 

Hi i have same problem 1 hour and don't have my code is normal ? the ORDER # 12326147

Hi. Abdelrims1. We have responded to your ticket # 302724 in regards of your query and you may have a check accordingly. Thank you.

Hey, had same issue with rest of the folks... I have already received invoice, but my order still shows verifying ORDER # 12359537

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