Sick of "verifyng" please help

It been saying "verifying" for more then 1h whats the problem??

ORDER# 601485

Greetings Tobias,

Just need you to verify your Paypal email address and your purchase will be completed within the minute.

Let us know once you have done so.

its done now, i have verifyd it now.

 Done. It's completed now =D

You should be able to retrieve the product under My Account >> "Order number 6014850" >> Click on View Code.

Drop us a message if you have any question.

Your process is a joke now..... Verifying every second is crazy

Hi there Paul, it seems that your order is completed. We apologize for the delay.


Same problem 
Very confusing what to do right now

Hi Sirayuth,

Your order is now completed :)

Oh Thank you sir ^^

Most welcome. Have a great day :)

Hi my order remains on verifying but i already got completed the verifying process of my paypal account via the link that i got by mail.
what can i do now?
kind regards


We do apologize for the delay on your order Rsteiner87, we have check on your order and it seems that your order is now completed. You may view your game code from your order page now. Please do contact us again if you have any issues with your order.

Have great days ahead.

I have been waiting for over hours and it still Verifying  can you help me please 

HI my process is still Verifying  for over hours now can you please help 

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