No order????

Posted almost 8 years by Marcus

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Paid this morning, tried to get you on chat, but no. My account says now i havent made any orders the last 12 days???

Please fix this asap.

Order confirmation email says

order numer 596819

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Elizabeth posted almost 8 years

Hi Marcus,

5969799 requires you to verify your e-mail : mXXXXXXXXXXXX@siemens.XXX

We will only be able to proceed with your purchase when your PayPal primary e-mail is verified with OffGamers.


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Claressa Jayne

Claressa Jayne posted almost 8 years


For this order, we just need you to get the Paypal email verified. Once verified your order will be complete.

Do contact us at if you have further issues. Thank you.

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