Cannot receive security token via SMS


    I tried two times to send the security token via my phone, but the message has never reached on my phone.

 Could you guys send a security token through my email and let me change or check if i got the phone number right?


Hi IT,

Pertaining to your issue, we will have to perform a manual phone verification with you. Before we do so, kindly do update your name in your account profile first.

I have same problem too, I want security token. Can you sent to my email? and last four digits are 8412


Hi HyungChang,

We have replied your ticket and you may check your email for more details. Let us know if you need any further assistance.

Thank you

same issue, he security code never reached my phone .. last 4 numbers are 5543 kindly assist
Hi Abdulla,

 Your phone number has been manually verified.

You may place an order with your account now.

Thank you.

Hi no security token my email is I tried to order today but yesterday I do receive the token via sms.

Hi Melvin, We have replied your ticket and you may check your email for more information. Let us know if you need any further assistance.

same issue here, please send security token to my email


Hi Mohammd,

Please kindly contact our live chat support or email us for further assist. Thank you.

Same issue here, please send me a token to my email. email:, four digits: 3210

Hi Yousang,

It seems your contact number has been verified. You may proceed to place order with your account now.

Hello, I have the same issue, cant receive my security token. My email is and the last four digits of my mobile phone are 7949. Thanks in advance!

Hi Uros, For your phone number, you need to verified them when placing order. Please contact our support team if you unable to proceed with the automated phone system for a manual phone verification.

i am also unable to retrieve a security code i sent a ticket as well please if u can just sent it to my email thank u in advance

Hi Daniel, We've responded on your ticket, please check your ticket as we need some verification before we able to send the security token.

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