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Posted about 8 years by alexander

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My order has been stuck at verified for almost 2 hours now, you've sent me an email saying I need to reply with photo ID and more for "security reasons" which I did. Now I see you have a London phone number which I tried calling multiple times with no luck, so apparently I have to wait several more hours for you to confirm my information and verify my order? Great.

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kartikasari posted about 8 years

No problem at all, we completely understand where you were coming from. You should already have the funds back in your account.  Do let us know if otherwise.


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alexander posted about 8 years

It seems my day has just been a bad one. I've had some constant unluck. I'm sorry if I seemed angry but I'm kind of frustrated right now. I see that you refunded the money, is there anyway to tell when I will receive my money again?

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Elizabeth posted about 8 years

Hi Alexander,

Our sincerest apologies for the inconveniences caused but, the submitted documents are partly inapplicable and you have requested for us to have the purchase reversed.

We have refunded the order accordingly.

We are sorry as well for the phonecalls that were unanswered as we are having a shift-change moments back and we were short of manpower in the house.


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