Unaddressed Complaint about invalid PSN code


I submitted a complaint regarding an invalid PSN prepaid card code not working several days ago and I have yet to receive any response.

I would like this issue to be addressed swiftly, whether another code being issued or a full refund given or simply my code being made to work.

Please work to resolve my issue as this is quite frustrating for me.

 Hi there,

This should be regarding Order 5852886?

The complaint was a Cancellation Request. We will require the following to be emailed to to check with PSN's publisher:

1> Screenshot of your order showing the code you have received
2> Screenshot of the error you received on your account during redemption

Kindly do not crop the pictures and you may save them as .jpeg/.png format. We await your swift response.

That is it.

I have sent the required screenshots. Thank you for your swift response. 
Hi Toan,

You are most welcome. :)

We will check with PSN support and get back to you as soon as possible within the mentioned time via Ticket 35700.

Thank you for your kind patience and cooperation.


Hi Toan,

Please be informed that the CDKey have updated you on the solution via e-mail.


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