This page is an example of how you dont have to do a web

FIRST problem: i want to buy some gold and the game send me to this page... and 1 hour then i discover that the username its not the same of the other game so i have to register other time.

SECOND problem: i do the register but i dont want to share with all websites where i live or what is my name  or my phone so i invented it, and when i go to pay, surprise! you need your phone to pay a shit..

wtf?? are you ok? why do you need my phone number to receive money? do you want to subscribe me to shitty bans for steal me the money by sms?? that is what mean to be.

THIRD problem: ok, lets gonna put the fucking number -> change number... what is? security token? ok, request security token.... -your security token was sent to you mobile phone number... WTF? so i wanna change my number and you sent me the security token to the false number. ARE YOU SERIOUS? . 

FOUR problem: wow finally! i put my real phone number and when im going to pay... what is this? your phone number is not correct? whaaaaat? and why the last worked?! whats the difference? 


Hello. Javier . We will explain accordingly to your problem which is

Problem 1 : What username do you referring to ? Is your Offgamers account or your ingame character .

Problem 2 : Verification is required to ensure the safety of the user without any unauthorized user/ owner or payment use without acknowledge. Hence, its important for you to put the details

Problem 3: You may inform us to sent the security token to your email if you need it to update your new number.

Problem 4: Your phone might be used or not acceptable by our system, Thus, you may key in another number which is able to verify .


Hi there,

Seems that you have made a purchase and it has completed : 5850182

Shall you have any further inquiry, kindly get back to us at anytime.


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